HP Deskjet D2560 Printer - Store and handle photo paper

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Store and handle photo paper

Follow these instructions to maintain the quality of HP brand photo paper.


Keep unused photo paper in a sealed plastic bag. Store the packaged photo paper
on a flat surface in a cool place.

When you are ready to print, remove only the paper that you plan to use immediately
from the plastic bag. When you have finished printing, return any unused photo paper
to the plastic bag.

Do not leave unused photo paper in the paper tray. The paper might start to curl,
which can reduce the quality of your photos.


Always hold photo paper by its edges. Fingerprints on photo paper can reduce print

If the corners of the photo paper curl more than 10 mm (0.4 inch), flatten the paper
by putting it in the storage bag, and then gently bending it in the opposite direction of
the curl until the paper lies flat.
Photo paper should be flat before it is printed on.