HP Deskjet D2560 Printer - Create printing shortcuts

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Create printing shortcuts

In addition to the printing shortcuts that are available in the Printing Shortcuts list, you
can create your own printing shortcuts.
If you frequently print on transparency film, for example, you can create a printing shortcut
by selecting the Presentation Printing shortcut, changing the paper type to HP Premium
Inkjet Transparency Film, and then saving the modified shortcut under a new name; for
example, Transparency Presentations. After creating the printing shortcut, simply select
it when printing on transparency film rather than changing the print settings each time.

To create a printing shortcut

Open the

Printer Properties dialog box



Click the

Printing Shortcuts



In the

Printing Shortcuts

list, click a printing shortcut.

The print settings for the selected printing shortcut are displayed.


Change the print settings to those you want in the new printing shortcut.


In the

Type new shortcut name here

box, type a name for the new printing shortcut,

and then click



The printing shortcut is added to the list.